Julia + Don

What we are ALL about.


We are a husband & wife photography team! We love getting to know people and their story, it helps us get the nerves off the client - Photographer relationship and create friendship (think of it as a double date!). Our goal is to let you and your other half unfold your madly feelings towards one another, that feeling where it feels like you two are the only ones in the universe. We are all about capturing those special intimate moments, your one-of-a-kind story!


This is our Love Story.


It sorta sounds like a fairytale but this is our story! We met on a 3 day trip at the magical Yosemite National Park with mutual friends. We didn’t quit hit it off at first, but on the last day of the tip, we decided to go on a hike to go see the waterfall and it was in the middle of the winter. It was breathtakingly beautiful but terrifyingly slippery. When we were on top of the mountain, looking down at the waterfall, Don slipped on one of the rocks and fell into the waterfall, almost loosing his life. Luckily he was able to get himself out of the current although it was freezing. I happen to bring extra clothing for the hike and gave him everything I had, and after that, we hit it off and been hanging out everyday since then.

Yosemite always have a special place in our hearts and we love visiting this amazing god’s creation!


my Photography Journey.


Up until recently, I’ve been working at a photography studio for 6 years. I’ve always dreamt of having my own business but didn’t quit had the courage to do so. After having our sweet son, we realized it was time to branch out and we literally dropped everything to start our own photography business. It was hard at first, but with hard work and with our amazing clients (who are now our friends!), we haven’t been happier with what we do!