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We'd like to think we are not just another vendor but a friend that has your back!

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Julia + Don

little things about us.


We are a husband & wife photography duo that met in Yosemite and fell in love with each other’s weirdness. We love listening to music, especially 80’s music! (Take on me is my all time favorite). Drink way too much black coffee and spend all of our time together (literally 24/7). Since we started our photography business in 2018 together, we’ve been a professional double daters for epic couples and families!


This is our Love Story.

It sorta sounds like a fairytale but this is our story! We met on a 3 day trip at the magical Yosemite National Park with mutual friends. We didn’t quit hit it off at first (Don kinda avoided me because apparently I talked too much lol), but on the last day of the tip, our group decided to go on a hike to go see the waterfall and it was in the middle of the winter. It was breathtakingly beautiful but terrifyingly slippery. When we were on top of the mountain, looking down at the waterfall, Don slipped on one of the rocks and fell into the river that is connected to the waterfall, almost loosing his life. Luckily he was able to get himself out of the water although it was freezing. I happen to bring extra clothing for the hike and gave him everything I had and helped carrying all the wet clothes on our way back. This gave us an opportunity to get to know each other and basically we’ve been hanging out everyday since.

Yosemite always have a special place in our hearts and we love visiting this amazing god’s creation! Sooo if you want to elope or have a wedding here, there will be no additional travel fee <3


my Photography Journey.

Up until recently, I’ve been working at a photography studio for 6 years and always dreamt of having my own photography business!

I didn’t quite have confidence to run it myself and I always told myself ‘its a risk! how do you know you would not fail?’ After having our son, Don and I realized it was time to branch out and we literally dropped everything to start our own photography business. It was hard at first, but with hard work and with our amazing supporting clients(who are now our friends!), we haven’t been happier with what we do!

Working at the photography studio gave me a lot experience, technique and skills to basically make anybody laugh while capturing them in the best lighting! It also made me realized, it is not all about the perfect pose. I mean I love it when everybody is looking at the camera smiling, but I want it to be unintentional while having a blast. Having a child got me understanding how life can pass by in a blink of an eye and it gives me pure joy to go back to see all of it (was tearing up seeing my son’s birth photo before typing this).


We went back to Yosemite on new years day to celebrate our life together engaged. We took this picture to capture the scneary and little did I know this will be my absolute favorite picture that I cherrish still to this day